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Yoga Retreats

Nourishment for body, mind & soul

Come back to your natural Element! Our intimate yoga holidays provide a warm home to retreat to and enjoy the lovely Italian countryside, while reconnecting deeply with Mother Nature and yourSelf. A place to heal the soul and recharge through elemental yoga, good food and laughter. Our approach differs to many other yoga holidays because we strongly believe in offering a rustic, homely experience with the flexibility to do your own thing, such as swimming at Lake Bracciano, exploring ancient Etruscan ruins or simply reading a book in our peaceful garden. We offer daily yoga, fun workshops, healing massage, a beautiful hike to a waterfall to keep you active, and also rituals and moments of reflection to find silence and depth in your retreat. 

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Our mission is to give you a nurturing, relaxing and fun holiday that allows you to reconnect to yourself and nature. We want you to feel at home during this retreat, so we offer a rustic, authentic experience full of heart and soul. We offer the chance to immerse nature and dive deeper into yourself. We offer down-to-earth Italian hospitality combined with vibrant spirituality. We offer healthy comfort food, playful yoga, deep meditation and warm hugs. And we look forward to sharing all this with you! 

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Good food,

Good people,

Good vibes.

Life's too short for anything less.



What is Elemental Yoga?

Elemental Yoga is the embodiment of Nature through movement, meditation and nutrition. It is not based on one asana style or philosophy, but rather combines ancient wisdom while working with the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit/Ether) A holistic practice founded on Tantric Hatha principles, yet encompassing various styles (such as Kundalini and Vinyasa) and including various ancient natural medicines (Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Zen Shiatsu). The Elemental approach allows us to explore the wisdom of Nature while exploring our inner climate and restoring ourselves to natural balance. By harmonizing the 5 Elements and yin/yang energy within us, we can find a natural rhythm that aligns with Nature's cycles and our most authentic Self. 


Elemental yoga is all about feeling your own energy and what affects it. It's about listening to your body, knowing your limits and practicing self-compassion. It emphasises trusting your own natural wisdom and has the potential to be deeply therapeutic. A healing experience that balances the elements to stabilise the mind and strengthen our relationship to ourselves. A practice that turns into our own inner medicine. In short: a magical system of moving energy, healing and harmonizing that allows us to reconnect to ourselves and Mother Nature. But the best way to truly understand what Elemental Yoga is, is to try it!

Whether you are recovering from illness or a period of intense stress, feeling out of balance or disconnected to yourself, or just looking for a week to recharge, relax and be present with the beauty that is life, come join us to get back into your element!

"Yoga is not about

touching your toes,

it is what you learn

on the way down."

-Jigar Gor


Elemental Yoga

Meet the family

Your Yoga Week

During your stay with us you will have plenty of opportunities to deepen your practice. We offer yoga sessions daily; the morning classes are more energetic, yang strengthening while the afternoon classes are gentle yin or meditation. Throughout the week we will move through the five elements. Starting with the element of earth for a sense of grounding and inner stability, flowing through water to connect to emotions and stillness, fire for core work and courage, embracing air to let go of what no longer serves and finally spirit for trust and acceptance. The week will end with a five element balancing class and shared advice about how to incorporate elemental yoga at home - including seasonal attunement and recipes. 

We welcome yogis of all levels, no previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary. Materials for classes are provided, bringing your own mat is optional. Really all you need is comfy clothing and a smile!

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Summer 2021 Retreats

Elemental Women's Retreat

Nepi, Italy 

1 - 7 July    

After the beautiful success of the past three years of Elemental Yoga Retreats, we are offering another round of nurturing, relaxing and fun summer retreats in the Italian countryside! An authentic experience with daily yoga, delicious meals, fun workshops and excursions, personalised wellness sessions and warm hugs.


Coming together as Women we will explore our Feminine power through the Elements, meditation, dance, women's nutrition, herbalism, the moon cycle and hormonal balancing. This is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Mother Nature, connect with other sisters, while empowering your own inner Wild Woman and Goddess!  


Inviting all mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, witches, wild women. Retreating to a safe space in the beautiful Italian countryside to gather in circle, to hold and be held, to laugh and to cry, to empower and to heal, to relax and to fully celebrate being woman! 

All-inclusive price: 

1,030 euro per person

Included in Your Stay

  • 6 nights accommodation  

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner 

  • Daily morning & afternoon Elemental Yoga classes

  • Element rituals, cacao ceremony, sharing circles & ecstatic dance

  • Workshops: Cooking, Women's Nutrition, Smudge Stick Making, Moon Wisdom

  • Excursions: visit Nepi, hike to waterfall & trip to lake Bracciano

  • Free Wifi (though we recommend to take a break from it...)

  • Tea, water and fresh fruit available all day

  • Lunch at Agritourismo La Sorgente 


Treat yourself to

a immersion of breathing, stretching, tasting, exploring, laughing and

pure living!


10-Day Elemental Immersion

Nepi, Italy 

1 - 10 August    

This summer we want to offer you an Elemental Yoga Retreat with more. More magic, more healing, more movement, more practice, more laughter, more delicious food,  more connection, more love, more depth! This longer immersion combines a relaxing yoga retreat with a meaningful training and deepening of natural self-healing. In addition to our usual offerings- daily yoga, meditation, workshops and excursions- we will be going much deeper into  Elemental theory and practices. Journeying through the five elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit- we will dedicate two days to explore the medicine of each Element in detail. Truly experiencing and learning about the qualities, nutrition, seasonal attunement, chakras, meridians and healing practices that each Element offers. This retreat is about diving deep into Mother Nature's wisdom and getting to know your own medicine woman/man! And for even more personal depth, it also includes a complimentary private session and a guidebook to learn more about your Elements and how you can apply this natural wisdom to your daily life. Whether you have done an Elemental Retreat before, or this is your first interaction with the Elements, you can expect a magical, insightful and profoundly healing experience.


We look forward to nurturing you and diving into new depths together!

All-inclusive price: 

1,530 euro per person

Included in Your Stay

  • 9 nights accommodation  

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner 

  • Daily morning & afternoon Elemental Yoga classes

  • Element rituals, cacao ceremony, sharing circles & ecstatic dance

  • Private session to determine your Elemental balance

  • Workshops: Cooking, Nutrition, Smudge Stick Making, Elemental Wisdom

  • Excursions: visit Nepi, hike to waterfall & trip to lake Bracciano

  • Nature' s Calling Guidebook for the Elements

  • Free Wifi (though we recommend to take a break from it...)

  • Tea, water and fresh fruit available all day

  • Lunch at Agritourismo La Sorgente 

Image by Luz Mendoza

For more details please see our room options here

*Availability is limited please contact us as soon as possible


Autumn Retreat in Italy

1-7 October

After multiple requests we are offering an additional retreat in Nepi this year! A special retreat to close the vibrant summer season and gently transition to autumn with releasing, relaxing and re-harmonising yourself. Journeying through the Five Elements while deepening your understanding of natural health and how to stay in harmony throughout the year. Including daily yoga, meditation, self-healing practices, rituals and of course delicious meals! There is also the opportunity to practice silence and do a gentle cleanse to strengthen your immunity before Autumn blows in.


In the theme of harmony, we will be sharing an Ayurvedic Workshop and a special session about using the Elements to stay balanced throughout the year. And yes, because it's also a holiday we will have a fun day-trip to a serene lake and a surprise excursion! 


This retreat is for you. If you need silence and space, you'll get it. If you need comfort and nurturing, you'll receive it. If you need to recharge and relax, you got it. Join us to come back to your inner harmony...


All-inclusive price: 

1,111 euro per person

Included in Your Stay

  • 6 nights accommodation  

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • Daily morning & afternoon Elemental Yoga classes

  • Element rituals, cacao ceremony, sharing circles & ecstatic dance

  • Workshops: Ayurveda, Cleansing & Elemental Harmony

  • Excursions: trip to lake & surprise trip!

  • Tea, water and fresh fruit available all day

  • Optional: autumn cleanse plus e-book on cleansing

For any questions and bookings please write us at 

Caroline yoga teacher


A playful yoga teacher, foodie and traveller, Caroline is a free-spirit with a deep love for the ocean and Mother Nature. She will nurture you through your retreat with loving yoga, warm hugs and delicious meals that are sure to put a smile on your face. As an Elemental Yoga Therapist she teaches from the heart, and can help care for any muscle soreness with a healing massage :)  



Architect by day and superwoman the rest of the time! Martina is an Elemental Yoga Therapist with an incredible passion for healing and nutrition. Her delicious creations will provide fuel and nourishment to support you through the week. You also might be lucky enough to join her for a kitchen dance party! Or a private yoga therapy session.  


Support Sister

Each retreat is supported by a karma yogi who helps behind the scenes to keep the retreat flowing with ease. This includes helping in the kitchen, caring for the animals and general assistance with retreat activities. Without this support our retreats would not be possible, extending deep gratitude to the beautiful souls who join our team in this supporting role!

"I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Nepi on this beautiful retreat. It was my first ever one, and have to say it was and still is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Caroline has a gift like no other, and I was made to feel so welcome by her. The food was absolutely beautiful, that is said from a non vegetarian. I truly didn't miss meat at all. The people I met there were also amazing, each on their own journey. It was beautiful and very emotional, I would do it all again tomorrow if I could. If this will be your first or fiftieth retreat, it will take you on a journey you will never forget!" 

- Kelly 
Elemental Yoga Studio


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