7:30 Morning Yoga

We start the day early while the air is still cool enough to do some energising yoga on the veranda! New poses each day to complement the element we are working with and keep you present in your practice.

10:00 Breakfast

After your morning yoga you can sit down and enjoy some fresh juice or a smoothie in the sun. We keep breakfast nourishing and light to help balance the energy cultivated during yoga. 

10:00-12:00 Free Time or an Activity

After breakfast you will have time to relax by the pool with a good book, schedule a massage, swim at Lake Bracciano or perhaps we have a group activity or workshop you can join.

12:00 Lunch

A colourful fresh salad, buddha bowl or lentil burgers. Lunches are a plateful of happiness in this house. 

14:00-18:00 Free Time or an Activity

After lunch you can take a nap in the hammock, explore the town of Nepi or perhaps join a workshop. Late afternoon is the perfect time to take a moment for yourself and reflect or meditate by the fishpond.

18:30 Evening Yoga or Meditation

Wind down your day with a restorative practice or meditation led by one of our loving and experienced teachers. 

20:00 Dinner

Zucchini pasta with rucola pesto, a tofu sesame stir-fry or maybe some home-made falafel... 

Dinner is always served with loads of fresh veggies, herbs from the garden and love. And we like to end the day on a sweet note, so always save room for dessert!

21:00 After Dinner...

On some nights we will have a special activity planned for after dinner, other nights you may want to socialise on the veranda surrounded by candles, go for a night swim under the stars or maybe just retreat to your room in silence. After a day of yoga, nourishing food, sunshine, nature, laughter and perhaps a massage or dance session...you will surely sleep well!