Another Way

The style of yoga we offer is built around classical Hatha yoga with a combination of other styles, like Vinyasa and Kundalini. The emphasis is on moving energy and reconnecting to nature. By balancing the five elements and the yin/yang energy within us we can find a natural rhythm that aligns us to our natural selves. Elemental yoga is all about feeling your own energy and what affects it. It's about listening to your body, knowing your limits and practicing self-compassion. It emphasises trusting your own natural wisdom and has the potential to be deeply therapeutic.


A healing experience that balances the elements to stabilise the mind and strengthen our relationship to ourselves. Whether you are recovering from illness or a period of intense stress, feeling out of balance or disconnected to yourself, or just looking for a week to recharge, relax and be present with the beauty that is life, come join us to get back into your element!



Your Yoga Week

During your stay with us you will have plenty of opportunities to deepen your practice. We offer yoga sessions daily; the morning classes are more energetic, yang strengthening while the afternoon classes are gentle yin or meditation. Throughout the week we will move through the five elements. Starting with the element of earth for a sense of grounding and inner stability, flowing through water to connect to emotions and stillness, fire for core work and courage, embracing air to let go of what no longer serves and finally spirit for trust and acceptance. The week will end with a five element balancing class and shared advice about how to incorporate elemental yoga at home - including seasonal attunement and recipes. 

We welcome yogis of all levels, no previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary. Materials for classes are provided, bringing your own mat is optional. Really all you need is comfy clothing and a smile!


"Yoga is not about

touching your toes,

it is what you learn

on the way down."

-Jigar Gor


"My role is to guide and encourage people to reconnect to their body and breath, and then to let them flow with it. I like to bring depth but also keep my classes playful. Most importantly I teach from my heart and build classes to honour those on the mat with me."

-Caroline, Yoga Instructor