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Foot Reflexology (60 min)

Reflexology works with pressure points in the feet that are connected to each organ in the body. By stimulating these pressure points blockages in the body can be healed and pain relieved. Benefits include reduced blood pressure, improved circulation and digestion, and wonderfully soft feet!

50 euro

Aromatherapy Massage (60 min)

A gentle full-body massage with essential oils that allows for deep relaxation. This stimulates the body to restore its own healthy balance in a natural way.

50 euro

Deep Tissue Massage (60 min)

A massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Slow, deep movements are used with strong pressure and natural oils. Extremely helpful for tight muscles and chronic pains, such as a sore lower back or tight shoulders.

50 euro

Thai Massage (60 min)

A therapeutic full-body traditional Thai massage. The treatment works with joint movement, acupressure and stretches over clothing. Thai massage reduces stress, improves flexibility and allows for deep relaxation. It is also helpful for backpain, headaches and to boost energy levels.

50 euro

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(and arms and shoulders and legs and feet)

Health Benefits of Massage

*Our in-house massage therapist is internationally certified by ITM Thai Hand massage school and is specialised in Thai Table Massage, Thai Chair Massage Lanna Style, Thai Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue /Sports Massage.

A one-hour massage session can provide deeply therapeutic benefits to both your physical and emotional body. Although massage is usually associated with spa's and relaxing retreats, most people don't realise that getting a massage has significant health benefits as well. By reducing heart rate and lowering levels of insulin and cortisol, massage therapy is perfect for reducing stress and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (also known as the "rest and digest" response, the opposite of "fight or flight") which is needed for healing. Our body carries our stress, and in today's fast-paced world we often carry quite a load! Massage reduces blood pressure and stress while improving blood circulation, the immune system and other bodily functions. It has been shown to help promote recovery from injury, insomnia, digestion, joint flexibility and even clearer skin - depending on the type of massage. All this in addition to the benefits that relaxation and wellbeing already have on the body.

Massage therapy should be regarded as a healthcare tool rather than a luxury. A good massage does wonders for the body and mind. So take care of yourself, and get a massage!



"Take care of your body. 

It's the only place you have to live."

Jim Rohn

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