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Retreat Yourself

A 7-day online program to guide you through a home-retreat and spring cleanse. Bringing the love, support and connection of a healing retreat right into your home! 


This cleanse is a holistic and gentle way to detoxify your organs, heal imbalances and restore vitality. With the intention of coming together as a community to unite in our healing, cleansing body & mind, celebrating Spring, recharging our health and strengthening our immune systems! 

The cleanse will target a specific organ or bodily system every two days. Starting with two days Colon Reset, then two days of Liver & Gallbladder Detox, followed by two days Immunity Boosting and finishing with one day of Full Body Rebalancing. Offering a gentle program that includes light meals, smoothies, juices and an optional day of fasting (only recommended for those who really feel called to fast). 

As a holistic cleanse and home-retreat, this program also includes wellness practices: yoga, meditation, self-massage, rituals and journaling. Cleansing not just the physical body, but also helping detoxify the emotional and spiritual bodies while receiving support during a time of isolation. 

Embracing this unexpected break from normal life as an opportunity to focus on our health, develop nurturing self-care practices and strengthen our soul connectedness.


See full program details below.


Let's transform a time of

 self-isolation into self-love!

The recipes, practices and guidance are provided to support you, but essentially you are in control of how you want to tailor your home-retreat. Respecting that we all have different needs, bodies and living situations, this program is completely flexible to shape to your personal needs.


You can follow it while still working or being in home-isolation, you can withdraw or engage as you need, you can follow along being fully guided or use this as a basis to create your own personal retreat. Materials provided will be for you to download and have life-long access to, allowing you to repeat this home retreat and cleanse whenever you want! 



Group Option: €275

Including all materials, emails, private support and live group sessions

Individual Option: €350

Including all materials, emails, private support and private call

The Program

Self-Preparation: Reducing stress and intake of acidic produce (avoiding processed foods/sugar/meat/dairy/alcohol ect.)

Day 1: Colon Reset                    

Day 2: Colon Reset

Day 3: Liver & Gallbladder Detox

Day 4: Liver & Gallbladder Detox

Day 5: Immunity Boost

Day 6: Immunity Boost

Day 7: Full Body Rebalancing


Group Option: Sunday 21st -- Sunday 28th March

This group option starts on Spring Equinox with a live opening Zoom call. We will continue for 7 days together, sharing and supporting each other in a Whatsapp group and connecting through two live Zoom calls (the opening call at the start of the week and a closing circle at the end on Sunday 28th March).

Individual Option: Start whenever you want! 

The individual program is flexible to follow in your own time and start whenever you like. It includes one private session, and you can always contact me for any questions throughout your cleanse week.


Making sure that even though you are doing this from home, you will feel fully held and supported as you retreat yourself!


  • Self-Preparation information and suggestions 1 week before retreat

  • E-book full of nutritional info, recipes and practices for home retreating

  • Online platform ( with all materials

  • 4 downloadable yoga classes, specific for each system

  • Guided meditation and self-care practices

  • Health documentaries available to watch during the week 

  • Daily email of encouragement to guide you on this journey

  • WhatsApp Chat for support

  • Private 45min call to ask questions and set intention (Individual Option)

  • 2 Live Zoom Calls (Group Option)


*Optional: private Holistic Coaching or Yoga Therapy session available on request before, during or after your home retreat, at an additional cost.  

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